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Diagnosing HIV 

HIV Blood test finger

How to know for sure. 

Screening for HIV 


HIV can be detected with a simple rapid test, which you can read more about here. This is just a screening test though, it's not the same as a diagnosis! 


No single test can be used for a complete HIV diagnosis. A confirmatory test carried out by a qualified healthcare professional is required for a diagnosis to be made. 


At CHC clinic, we offer both 3rd and 4th generation HIV screening tests, which you can find out more about here. 

Confirming HIV 


The most widely-used confirmatory tests for HIV are known as Viral Load Counts. This test will identify the amount of HIV virus in your blood, and will both confirm your diagnosis and also indicate to your doctor how active the virus is in your body.


Following a positive diagnosis, a confirmatory test is critical to ensure accuracy before starting treatment . Once a person is diagnosed with HIV and has started treatment they should not be retested with screening tests. 

Rapid Test (Screening)
30 min
RM 30 - 70

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