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Are you or your partner living with HIV?

We offer testing, treatment, prevention and counselling for people living with HIV, their partners and others close-by.​ Below is an overview of some of our service. Please get in touch for more information and medical advice.

Book this service for your regular viral load checks or CD4 count test. Results are available within 2 hours with our on-site PCR laboratory devices.
HIV+ Regular Screening
1 hr
RM 160 - 230
Book this session if you need a refill and have previously had a medication prescription from us. If this is your first time coming to the clinic, please book a doctor's ...
Medication Refill Consultation
15 min
Price varies
We offer a full baseline screening before starting PEP or PrEP. The baseline health is imprtant to ensure the safety of the treatment for the patients. Baseline includes ...
PEP / PrEP Health Screening
30 min
RM 60 - 160
Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment
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Complete our anonymous quiz to estimate your risk of HIV or sexual transmitted diseases.

If you are worried, please book a test with us.

Am I at risk?

We run a sponsorship program where others can pay for you. Contact us for more information and fund availability.

Can't afford our help?