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Early detection is key

​An important part of managing your risk for HIV and STDs is regular testing. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that sexually active adults regularly test themselves (at least twice a year) to ensure early detection in the case of infection. This greatly reduces the chances of further transmission, and also allows treatment to be initiated immediately without any serious health related complication.

At CHC Clinic, we offer a wide range of rapid tests and lab tests for our clients, including HIV antibody/antigen 4th generation tests. Our rapid tests will provide immediate and highly accurate results, within about 20 minutes, while our lab-tests will take about 1 to 3 days. Regardless of the test you choose, you can expect fast and accurate results for all your tests at CHC Clinic. 

Rapid Test (Screening)
30 min
RM 30 - 70
Full STD Screening
1 uur
RM 295 - 345

All testing at CHCC includes counselling before and after the test. This is to help ease the pressure of the testing experience, while ensuring that you are well informed about STDs/STIs (sexually transmitted infections), and you know your own risk for STIs.

The most important role of the counsellor is making sure that you understand that no matter what the result, there is a clear path to the effective, affordable treatment necessary to live a long and healthy life.


If you are screened positive, CHC Clinic is fully equipped to provide the testing and treatment you need or to advise you on and refer you to the best care provider for you. We are dedicated to making sure all our clients get the treatment and support they need to live their best lives!

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Complete our anonymous quiz to estimate your risk of HIV or sexual transmitted diseases.

If you are worried, please book a test with us.

Am I at risk?

We run a sponsorship program where others can pay for you. Contact us for more information and fund availability.

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