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Protect your world.

Get Vaccinated Today! 

At CHCC ​we offer the following vaccinations: 

Hepatitis B Vaccine 

This prevents Hepatitis B, which is a liver disease. In some cases, Hepatitis can become chronic and lead to a serious, lifelong illness that damages the liver over time. Hepatitis B vaccinations are given as 3 injections over either a 3 week or a 3 month period. 


Sexually active individuals who have not been previously vaccinated against Hepatitis B are highly encouraged to vaccinate themselves as soon as possible.

Human Papillomavirus vaccine 

Human Papillomavirus, or HPV,  is a sexually transmitted virus. In the short-term, HPV causes unsightly warts and blemishes. Over time however, these can develop into cancerous lesions, especially in the cervix and rectum.


Sexually active adults, especially those between 18 and 30, are strongly advised to vaccinate against HPV to reduce their long-term risk of cervical and/or colorectal cancer. 

Doctor's Consultation
15 min

Can't afford our help?


We run a sponsorship program where others can pay for you. Contact us for more information and fund availability.

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