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Your Story Matters

We're Here to Listen. 

As part of our dedication to every aspect of our clients' well-being, CHC Clinic offers counselling services to cater to the mental health of our clients. 

Our community-friendly counsellors are specially trained to be non-judgemental and sensitive to issues around health, gender and sexuality. 

We also offer couples and family counselling services for every type of relationship and family dynamic out there. Our senior counsellors are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches to help improve your relationships with those closest to your heart.

If you’re interested to have a counselling session, let us know and our counselling co-ordinator will contact you with an appointment time. 

Nothing to book at the moment
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If you are unable to come see us at the clinic, book an online counselling session instead. 

Can't afford our help?


We run a sponsorship program where others can pay for you. Contact us for more information and fund availability.

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