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PEP: Preventing HIV after exposure!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis is the emergency version of PrEP Medication. PEP is taken after you have been potentially exposed to HIV. Because PEP is taken after the virus has (potentially) had some time to replicate in your body, it involves a stronger regimen of antiretrovirals to prevent permanent HIV infection. PEP Must be taken 72 hours after you potential exposure to be effective.

PEP is taken continuously for 28 days and can reduce the risk of HIV infection by 81%. However, it is not as effective as PrEP in preventing HIV infection, so it should only be used in emergency situations, such as in cases of

  1. Unprotected penetrative sex (condoms were broken or forgotten)

  2. Unplanned needle sharing

  3. Sexual Assault

If you plan on not using condoms or sharing needles PrEP is a much better HIV prevention strategy which can be used for as long as you are still at risk for HIV.

However, if you've had a possible exposure to HIV it's important for you to contact a medical professional immediately to help decide if PEP is recommended for you! If you'd like to get PEP at CHC Clinic you can call us anytime to speak to a consultant who can help you decide how to best proceed.

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